Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Your schmancy (official) pre-tour checklist.

As we run around the Simon & Schuster/Atria offices packing boxes like mad men, crossing all our t's and dotting our i's for the Fall in Love tour to hit the road, we thought it would be wise to get you a handy dandy checklist of things you can do to prep, too. You always need “that friend” who makes a checklist, and we are here to be that friend for you. :P Here it goes:

 Official  Fall in Love Tour 2014 Checklist:

1. RSVP on the event pages for fun day-of content from the authors!
Want to know the authors are talking about as we roll into your town? Want to weigh in on where we should eat/see the sights/whathaveyou?  Do the authors need to know what store they should pick up their Diet Pepsi from?!  If you RSVP to the event page for each city, you’ll be in the know!  The authors and Atria Indies team will be posting comments throughout the day on each city's RSVP page, so make sure you’re tuned in for all the fun!

2.  Tell everyone you’re coming and invite your friends! 
You should also tell your friends because, you know, they’ll thank you later.  Invite them to the events on Facebook and put up this nifty badge as your profile picture to spread the word!

3.  Kick-off the tour with us Monday on Facebook! 
Whether you’re coming to one of the 10-cities or can’t make it out this year, we’ve got an event that everyone can come to… in your pajamas!  Join us Monday night at 8:30 pm ET on for the first official stop on the 2014 Atria Indies Fall in Love Tour!  Bring your questions for Abbi, Colleen, and Jamie and tune in for prizes, the live Q&A, and mutual book-loving fun!  Make sure to “like” our page here and RSVP here for the Facebook event!

4.  Check our super cool blog sponsors for daily content from the road!
We have 7 totally wonderful blog sponsors for the Fall in Love tour, and they're rolling out (do you like that bus pun!?) some AWESOME posts with our authors every day!  Check the schedule below and make sure you give them a great big thumbs up and follow them every which way you can because we <3 them big time, and you will too.

9/2 – Vilma’s Book Blog: Facebook Takeover
9/3 – Romancing the Book: Author Q&A
9/4 – The Scarlet Siren: Author to Author Q&A
9/5 – Smut Book Club: 5 Awkward Questions
9/6 – Aestas Book Blog: Author Spotlight
9/7 – Me, My Shelf & I: The Stop The Presses Swap-A-Roo
9/8 – Rock Stars of Romance: Author Q&A

5. Follow along on our NEW ATRIA INDIES TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!
SURPRISE! Yep, we have a big announcement.  Follow our brand spanking new Twitter account @AtriaIndies for all the indie author love you can handle. You'll be privy to live tweets from our events, little snippets of conversations on the bus, insider looks at all the Toms shoes Colleen is bringing on tour, and lots of other fun down the line like cover reveals, takeovers, and special giveaways. You can even let us know what you want to see on this account by sending us a tweet. Seriously! Follow, then tweet. Retweet. Favorite. Do it now!

6. Get your swag on… and wear it to the events :)
We've seen some pretty creative signing outfits before, and we OBVIOUSLY want to see your best work this year, too. Turn on those lightbulbs, #CoHorts, #MaddoxBrothaLovahs, and #GiveMeMoreGrant-ers! Show your love by decking out in all your Rush Crush, Property of Travis/Trent Maddox, and Butterfly You t-shirts, and get those signs and face paint ready. Show up and show out!  

7.  Take a bunch of pics and share, share, share!!!
WE WANT TO SEE ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES!!  Take pics at each event or with the bus, your books, even your swag—we want it all!  Use #AtriaIndies and #FallinLoveTour to join the fun!  Tweet us @AtriaIndies, tag us @AtriaBooks on Instagram, and post photos to our timeline on Facebook.  We’ll be featuring some of our favs on our social media so get to snappin’, peeps!

Sigh...that’s the official checklist for the Fall in Love Tour 2014 presented by #AtriaIndies! Seven items for seven days.  Can you handle them all? :P