Monday, September 1, 2014

And so it begins...#FallinLoveTour 2014 is live!

Today is the first day of September -- often the beginning of school, the end of Summer, sometimes the weather even begins turning cold. But tonight, in Toronto, Canada, things were....actually pretty cold. Jamie, Colleen, Abbi and their publicist all gathered together in a frigid hotel room to chat with you guys on Because they love you. And that kind of love goes deeper than hotel air conditioning breakdowns.

If you missed our Facebook Q&A, we highly recommend you go here right away. READ ALL THE QUESTIONS! READ ALL THE ANSWERS. You will laugh, you will cry, it'll be better than....

Anyway, it was all pretty great. Just the first high note in hopefully a week filled with high notes, not least of which will be meeting all of you.

So don't forget -- RSVP on our Facebook page. Tweet us at @AtriaIndies. Say hi on Instagram at @AtriaBooks. And hashtag the H.E. double hockey sticks (we're in Canada, come on!!) out of this tour using #FallinLoveTour or #AtriaIndies. We'll love you for it, and so will our awesome authors.

Night 1 - we out.

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