Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 1 on Tour - Canada AM and Getting Started With a Bang!

OH, Canada! 

We started out the day prettttyyy early, congregating in our hotel lobby at 6:45AM after an eventful night. Dressed to the nines, Jamie, Abbi and Colleen made their way to Canada AM to be on National TV! 

Adorbs, right?  After a quick pop over to the studio, everyone got a chance to rest for a few hours before our bus finally pulled up outside the hotel, shocking regular pedestrians and rendering them absolutely speechless. Because btw, our bus is SO BEAUTIFUL, even in the rain! 

After ogling the bus for a bit, we hopped on with special guest and almost queen of Canada, K.A. Tucker, and headed over to the Indigo store where our event took place. We all rushed inside out of the rain (gotta protect the hair!!!), and immediately went to the green room to get cracking on Official Day 1 Sponsor Vilma's Book Blog's Facebook takeover. Despite some technical difficulties on our end, it went smashingly. Check it out over at  She has a killer giveaway going on, too, so really...check it out.

After our takeover, we marched on out to our patiently waiting crowd and got down to business. Look at these fans! There were a whole lot of you, and none of you left empty-handed because THERE WAS SWAG. You like that tote? You'll probably want to come to one of our tour stops, then. Or follow along with our official sponsors for your chance at a giveaway. 

But anyhow, the crowd...

It was big. So thanks for that, Toronto!! Ya'll were so wonderful and warm and you bought and brought a ton of books. We dig that, big time. See? Here we are being thankful. [Emoji thumbs up.]

Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover and K.A. Tucker at Indigo Manulife.

At any rate, it's time for bed. You guys wore us out, and it was only day one! Can't wait to see you tomorrow at B&N in Rochester and Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs! #WeOut

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