Monday, September 8, 2014

Literally Falling In Love on the Fall in Love Tour

Or maybe they were in love already, but the Fall in Love Tour made it officially official. We are so, so pleased to report that last night at our signing in Chicagoland at the Skokie School (and sponsored by The Book Stall), a beautiful couple got engaged!! Here's how it went down....

Reader (we've just learned her name is Melissa!!): This is the best night of my life! I'm so excited.

Publicist Ariele (noticing a man standing next to her -- not typical at a romance signing!): Not THE most exciting! You're married!

Melissa (holding up ring finger): Uhhh, no I'm not.

Ariele (hangs head in shame, but to dude): Come on, buddy!

Melissa: YAAAAAA.

Melissa proceeds up to the podium to say hi to Jamie, Abbi, Colleen. Ariele gently suggests that Jamie, Abbi, Colleen should harass said dude and tell him to propose.

Colleen: Dude, ya'll should get engaged. You should right now.

Dude: Yeah?

Jamie, Abbi, Colleen: Yeah.

Dude: Ok.


Melissa, we hope you're reading this right now. Because we got a lotttt of pics. And sorry that they're all on the internet now, but the moment was too amazing not to share.


So Chicago, we had a blast with you! Thank you for coming out, waiting for our bus, taking awesome selfies with our bus, and asking some great questions. 

We'll always remember you as our first book signing proposal! Oh! And the night we met Fred. :)


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